PingPlotter Alternatives: Finding the Right Network Troubleshooting Tool.

Are you looking for a PingPlotter Alternative Because you’re sick of Dealing with Network problems? In order to maintain a seamless and effective digital experience, Network Troubleshooting is essential. Network administrators and Hobbyists frequently choose PingPlotter, but it’s always a good idea to look into other options that can better fit your needs.


We’ll talk about some of the best PingPlotter alternatives in this article, so you can efficiently identify and Fix Network issues. So let’s explore the world of Network Troubleshooting tools right now!

Introduction to PingPlotter:

PingPlotter is a Network Troubleshooting application that offers Thorough insights into Network Performance and assists in locating and Resolving network problems. It traces the path between your computer and a target IP address using ping tests and graphic graphs, showing latency, packet loss, and other important data. PingPlotter is frequently used to diagnose issues with internet connections, address network sluggishness, and locate Bottlenecks in the Network infrastructure.

The Need for Alternatives:

While PingPlotter is a trustworthy tool, it’s important to look at alternatives to make sure you select the one that best suits your unique needs. You can better address a variety of network issues by utilizing the special features and functionalities that various network troubleshooting tools have to offer. Let’s look at some of the best PingPlotter substitutes available.

PingPlotter Alternative 1: Wireshark.

A potent open-source network protocol analyzer called Wireshark offers in-depth analysis of hundreds of protocols. You may view network traffic in real-time thanks to its network packet capture and analysis capabilities. Wireshark’s powerful filter and search features make it easy for you to find abnormalities, solve network issues, and assess network performance. For thorough network analysis, it is commonly utilized by network managers and security experts.

  • Able network protocol analyzer that is a free source.
  • Extensive network packet inspection.
  • Examination of network traffic in real-time.
  • Many search and filtering options.
  • The beginner’s high learning curve.
  • Uses complicated features that call for technical skills.
  • Lacks the capability for automated network monitoring.

Alternative 2: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

A thorough network Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tool is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). It delivers insights to optimize Network performance, Provides real-time visibility into network Performance, and finds and fixes network Problems. You can proactively identify and fix network issues thanks to NPM’s Monitoring of network devices, Bandwidth utilization, and network health. Additionally, it provides tools like Programmable dashboards, automatic Network Mapping, and smart alerts.


  • Tool for thorough network troubleshooting and Monitoring.
  • Network performance visibility in real-time.
  • Network device finding and Mapping automation.
  • Dashboards that can be customized and intelligent alerting.


  • Software that is purchased and has a Price.
  • Possibly too much for small Networks.
  • Features with advanced functionality need more configuration.

PingPlotter Alternative 3: Nagios.

Popular open-source network Monitoring software called Nagios offers a wide range of Monitoring and alerting features. It enables you to keep an eye on network Hardware, software, and services to guarantee high availability and prompt identification of network problems. You may expand Nagios‘ Functionality to Monitor other components of your Network infrastructure thanks to its solid plugin architecture. It is commonly used for enterprise-level Network Monitoring and is quite flexible.


  • widely used open-source network Monitoring software
  • powerful Monitoring and alerting tools.
  • Plugin architecture that is adaptable for customization.
  • Scalable for high-level network Monitoring in businesses.


  • Initial settings and setup might be difficult.
  • The user interface might not be intuitive for new users.
  • Advanced Features could need Further scripting.

PingPlotter Alternative 4: PRTG Network Monitor.

A complete network Monitoring solution for small and large businesses is PRTG Network Monitor by Paessler. It provides a wide variety of Sensors to keep an eye on servers, Network devices, software, and virtual environments. Real-time information on network performance, Bandwidth use, and network health is provided by PRTG. It gives Network Managers the ability to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot network issues thanks to its user-friendly interface and customizable Dashboards.


  • Comprehensive solution for network monitoring.
  • There are many sensors for Keeping an eye on computers, servers, software, and virtual environments.
  • A nice user interface and dashboards that are customizable.
  • Real-time information on the health and functioning of the network.


  • The number of sensors in the free version is constrained.
  • With more sensors and more sophisticated Functions, the price rises.
  • The use of advanced settings may call for Technical Knowledge.

PingPlotter Alternative 5: Zabbix.

Zabbix is an open-source Monitoring tool designed for Businesses that provide complete Network Monitoring features. It enables real-time Monitoring of network Hardware, servers, virtual Machines, and software applications. Zabbix offers a central platform for gathering, storing, and analyzing monitoring data, facilitating proactive network troubleshooting. It is a strong alternative to PingPlotter since it provides cutting-edge capabilities like distributed monitoring, intelligent alerting, and trend prediction.


  • A commercial-grade open-source Monitoring program.
  • Monitoring of systems, servers, apps, and other things in real time.
  • Intelligent alerting and distributed Monitoring
  • Trend analysis and Forecasting for preventative Troubleshooting


  • Initial settings and setup might be difficult.
  • Technical expertise is necessary for Sophisticated settings.
  • For new users, the user interface Might not be as simple.

PingPlotter Alternative 6: Observium.

For network engineers and administrators, Observium is a Platform for network Monitoring and administration. It offers precise Performance graphs, automatic network device discovery, and warning features. A broad variety of network devices are supported by Observium, which also provides comprehensive Monitoring of network interfaces and CPU and memory usage, among other things. Observium makes Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting simple with its user-friendly interface and wide range of reporting options.


  • Platform for Network Management and Monitoring.

  • Automatic network device discovery

  • Performance graphs that are in-depth and alerting Tools

  • A broad range of Network devices is supported.


  • limited support for some gadgets.
  • A premium version is necessary for advanced Functionality.
  • The learning curve is steeper for Sophisticated setups.

PingPlotter Alternative 7: Datadog Network Performance Monitoring.

A cloud-based network monitoring tool called Datadog Network Performance Monitoring offers real-time visibility into network performance. It provides extensive Network Mapping, automatic network detection, and intelligent Warning. You can keep an eye on network equipment, Traffic, and application Performance in both on-premises and cloud environments using Datadog. It efficiently identifies and fixes network Faults thanks to its scalable architecture and Powerful analytics.


  • Network Monitoring software is built in the cloud.
  • Network performance visibility in real-time.
  • Automatic network Mapping and discovery
  • Sophisticated analytics and scalable architecture.


  • A paid service with usage-based pricing
  • Possibly too complicated for little Networks.
  • Custom Monitoring Necessitates additional configuration.

PingPlotter Alternative 8: ManageEngine OpManager.

ManageEngine OpManager is an advanced network Management and Monitoring solution that provides complete network visibility. It offers real-time network Hardware, software, server, and service monitoring. Proactive network Troubleshooting is made possible by OpManager’s customized dashboards, automated Network detection, and intelligent alerting. OpManager streamlines network monitoring and boosts operational effectiveness thanks to its wide Reporting Features and interaction with other IT Management products.


  • A powerful network management and Monitoring tool.
  • Monitoring of systems, programs, and services in Real-time.
  • Automated network discovery and customizable dashboards.
  • Combining with other IT Management software.


  • Paid software with a Price tag
  • Additional settings may be Necessary for advanced Features.
  • For new users, the user interface can be overwhelming.

PingPlotter Alternative 9: WhatsUp Gold.

A complete network monitoring tool built for small- to medium-sized organizations is WhatsUp Gold by Progress. It offers network Mapping, alerting, and Monitoring in real time. WhatsUp Gold provides proactive network troubleshooting by keeping an eye on the operation of applications, Network devices, and network traffic. It enables Network Managers to swiftly discover and address Network issues thanks to its user-friendly interface and pre-built reports.


  • Comprehensive solution for Network Monitoring.
  • Monitoring, Mapping, and alerting in real-time.
  • Proactive skills for network Troubleshooting.
  • Pre-built reports with an intuitive UI.


  • Software that is based on the number of devices and is paid for.
  • Additional settings may be necessary for advanced Features.
  • Little ability to customize several elements.

PingPlotter Alternative 10: Lansweeper.

An asset detection and network management solution called Lansweeper gives you complete visibility into your network architecture. In terms of network troubleshooting, it is not a straight alternative for PingPlotter, but it does include capabilities that can aid in network administration.


  • Lansweeper examines and locates network devices, Providing comprehensive details about their configurations, software, and hardware.
  • It assists in keeping track of and managing network assets, such as Hardware, software installs, licenses, and warranties.
  • Lansweeper includes robust reporting features that let you learn more about the inventory, compliance, and performance of your network.
  • To simplify your IT operations, it integrates with a variety of IT Management solutions, including help desk systems and remote control software.


  • PingPlotter has real-time network monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, whereas Lansweeper does not. Lansweeper delivers information on network devices.
  • A difficult first setup It can take some effort and Technical Knowledge to set up Lansweeper and configure the discovery process.
  • Lansweeper is a paid piece of Software, with licensing fees Based on the number of assets and extra functionality needed.
  • Increasing learning curve It may Take some time and effort to become Proficient with all of Lansweeper’s capabilities and customization Possibilities.

PingPlotter Alternative 11: LogicMonitor.

A cloud-based network Monitoring Technology called LogicMonitor offers complete visibility into network performance. It enables real-time Monitoring, intelligent alerting, and automatic Network device discovery. Monitoring of network equipment, servers, software, cloud services, and other things is supported by LogicMonitor. LogicMonitor facilitates network Troubleshooting and enhances Network Performance with its scalable design and customized dashboards.


  • A platform for network monitoring in the cloud.
  • Network device discovery is automatic.
  • Intelligent alerts and real-time Monitoring.
  • Scalable architecture and Dashboards that are customizable


  • Pricing for a paid solution is Determined by the number of devices.
  • Requires some Prior setup and setting.
  • Advanced customization options might Require Technical know-how.

PingPlotter Alternative 12: NetCrunch.

A powerful tool for network monitoring and visualization is NetCrunch by AdRem Software. It provides network Mapping, alerting, and Monitoring capabilities in real time. You can quickly identify and fix network issues thanks to the full view of Network devices, services, and applications that NetCrunch offers. NetCrunch makes Network Troubleshooting easier and improves network visibility with its Sophisticated Monitoring features and interactive network Maps.


  • Powerful network visualization and Monitoring tool.
  • Network Mapping, alerting, and Monitoring in real-time.
  • A comprehensive view of network Resources, including applications and services.
  • Interactive network maps and advanced Monitoring tools.


  • Software that is Purchased has a price.
  • Requires some Prior setup and setting.
  • For beginners, there can be a longer learning curve.


Having the appropriate tools at your disposal is crucial when it comes to network troubleshooting. While PingPlotter has been a dependable option for many, there are a lot of PingPlotter Alternatives that provide distinctive features and capabilities. Examine these options, take into account your unique needs, and select the one that best satisfies them.


1. What is PingPlotter?

  • PingPlotter is a network troubleshooting application that offers thorough insights into network performance and assists in locating and resolving network problems.

2. Why should I consider alternatives to PingPlotter?

  • By looking at alternatives, you can discover network troubleshooting solutions with special features and capabilities that might better meet your own needs.

3. Is Wireshark a good alternative to PingPlotter?

  • Yes, Wireshark is a potent open-source network protocol analyzer that allows for in-depth packet analysis and aids in the discovery of network anomalies.

4. Which network monitoring tool is suitable for small businesses?

  • A complete network monitoring tool built for small- to medium-sized organizations is WhatsUp Gold by Progress.

5. Can I monitor both on-premises and cloud environments with Datadog Network Performance Monitoring?

  • Yes, you can monitor network performance in both on-premises and cloud environments using Datadog Network Performance Monitoring.